Desmond Meyer


Latest music

The latest CD futures Desmond's musician friends from around the globe.


With top artist such as LA's smooth jazz hitmaker Greg Manning .

South Africa's saxophone giant, McCoy Mrubata.

On bass, Peter Ndlala, Leon Duncan, Alvin Hedricks, and Carlo Jooste.

On drums, Jason Meekins and Frank Paco

On Keyboards, Vince Wiley, Carlo, Tich,

Guitars; Lionel  and Desmond Meyer 





In 1993, to escape from the institutionalized injustices of Apartheid, Desmond joined Eugene Wareley in Switzerland. Following a tour in Northern Italy with Jamaican reggae great Winchester, Desmond also joined the African formation Shake the Tree, which included two performances at the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival. During the late nineties, Desmond performed in various music studios and projects, including performances with South African veteran Tefo Hlaele as a support band for Yusso Ndour in the Kongresshaus Zurich.


Desmond's debut CD, which he recorded in the latter part of 1999, clearly illustrates his quest for musical explorations while simultaneously paying homage to his roots. His music has been heard in numerous venues, especially in his homeland South Africa, evoking interest from major local labels. Following his involvement in several projects with Jamaican bassist Leon Ducan, Desmond joined the band, Vital Roots. It is during this time that he was nicknamed "Dazzy Roots", a name that remains to this day. Vital Roots also conducted multiple Swiss tours which included a memorable performance at the renowned Montreux Jazz festival.


Being a family man with 3 daughters, Desmond has worked as a Swiss banker for 11years while continuing to pursue his musical career. His hard work has enabled him to finance the second CD, "Now That We're Free", which was created under his own Khoibeat-Productions label. The CD is currently being distributed online through

In April of 2008, one of Desmond's biggest dreams came true when he met his long time mentor and hero, Jonathan Butler in L.A. In 2009 he enrolled for an audio engineering diploma at SAE in Zurich followed by completing a BA(Hons) in cooperation with Middlesex University in the UK.


A good example of someone who never gives up despite the pressures and injustice of life. Being the breadwinner, Desmond still takes care of his family in Switzerland and parents in South Africa by working in aviation Engineering. He currently runs his Khoibeat-Productions studio from his house in Koblenz Switzerland where he is involved in different musical projects.